• Get Connected Booth +

    The Get Connected Booth is open to anyone who is interested to join a Victory group or go through the ONE 2 ONE booklet. Our Victory group leaders in the booth are available to answer questions and can assist you in finding a group. You can visit the booth at the Every Nation Building 2 Ground Floor every Saturday from 4:00 PM to 7:30 PM, and Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

  • One 2 One +

    We help our new brothers and sisters in the faith start right in their walk with God through a six-lesson follow-up and discipleship guide called One 2 One. This guide discusses Salvation, Lordship, Repentance, Baptism, the Bible and Prayer, and the Church.

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  • Victory Weekend +

    Victory Weekend is a two-day retreat to help participants understand and walk in the freedom Christ won for us at the cross. Everyone who has finished ONE 2 ONE and Preparing for Victory Weekend is encouraged to participate in a Victory Weekend retreat.


  • Purple Book Church Community and Making Disciples Classes +

    The Purple Book is a personal Bible study guide for establishing biblical foundations for building strong disciples. It has twelve chapters, and each chapter has four or five lessons. It is designed to help believers develop the discipline of reading God’s Word and giving believers an overview of God’s Word on the basic topics of Christianity, such as: sin and salvation, Lordship and obedience, and repentance and baptism. Everyone is encouraged to go through The Purple Book.

    Church Community is a study guide to help believers understand church life. It is a three-hour class that gives an overview of what the church is, what our movement is called to do, and how to be a part of it. It has five chapters. Everyone who has finished Victory Weekend and The Purple Book class are encouraged to attend this class.

    Making Disciples is a six-hour class to equip believers to minister. It has nine chapters. Everyone who has finished the Church Community class and wants to learn more about leading a Victory group and helping others follow Jesus is encouraged to attend this class.


  • Empowering Leaders +

    Empowering Leaders is a three-hour class to empower disciples to make disciples. It has six chapters.


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