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Christmas is coming! Many of us are looking forward to giving and receiving gifts, spending time with family and loved ones, and attending Christmas gatherings. Yet what does Christmas truly mean, as what the Bible says?


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Join us this weekend as we start our series on finances entitled, “Unlimited.” We’ll be talking about the life of Elijah and Elisha in this four-week series.

At the end of this series, we look forward to having greater faith to obey God, our faithful and powerful Provider, in spite of the most difficult circumstances.

The End

Any discussion on the end times is always received with fear and anxiety. Yet as believers, we ought to have the right response to this truth which is to approach Christ’s return with much faith and expectancy.



Thanks to technology, our world is getting much, much smaller. Approximately 2.1 billion people around the world are online nowadays. Social media has been helping us to connect more to one another. And more and more, world events are shaping local happenings as local happenings are influencing world events.

With all of these happening around us, what is stopping us from bringing the gospel message to the ends of the earth? Know what it means to think global in our local setting.

September Series Break

We're taking a break from our series this weekend. Our pastors have prepared independent messages for the services they lead.

Ako, Ikaw, Tayo

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Being a follower of Jesus takes more than just reading our Bibles, praying, and fellowship. We are also called to serve our communities and be a positive influence to those around us.

How can each of us make a positive impact in our spheres of influence, our community, and our culture? Find out in our four-week series, Ako, Ikaw, Tayo.


That Thing You Do


The small choices we make influence the habits we develop, and ultimately, our lives. But what does it mean to develop new habits for our good?

Find out this weekend, as we kick off our new series entitled, “That Thing You Do!"

At the end of this series, may each of us embrace a devotional lifestyle that results in a thriving relationship with Jesus, and with the church.

Let Us


Jesus made disciples not just in a one-on-one setting but also in groups. In the same way, we believe that one of the best ways for each of us to grow together is in small groups.

Want to know what being part of a Victory group is all about? We’ll find out in our new series this weekend, entitled, “Let us!”

Mid-Year Prayer and Fasting

Web-Thumbnail-MidYearPrayerAndFastingWe are calling on everyone to join our three-day mid-year prayer and fasting. With six months left in 2012, we will believe God, as one spiritual family, for breakthroughs in our church and nation.


WikiChurch_IconVictory exists to honor God and make disciples. Starting June 23, know more about who we are and what we value in our series, WikiChurch!

Father's Day

father'sday album art“Honor your father and mother”—which is the first commandment with a promise— “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.” - Ephesians 6:2-3

Get in the Game


Whatever your age, you have a responsibility for the next generation! Know more about your role in our new series, Get in the Game. Starting June 3, join us as we know about God’s heart for the next generation. We’ll also discover what it means to disciple students and reach the campuses in our respective communities.

Take Home


Whether we like it or not, our families help mold and shape us into who we are now. Our families may be far from perfect, but we know that God has the best plan for them.

Join us this weekend as we start our newest series, “Take Home.” This message series will give us great insight into how the gospel—the good news of our salvation—transforms our families.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Web-Thumbnail-FAQOur series, F.A.Q., will shine light on questions about knowing God’s will. We hope that after the F.A.Q. series, each of us would discover and fulfill God’s will in all our situations in life. May it bring each of us to a deeper understanding of who God is, resulting to deeper trust in and love for God.

April Series Break

We're taking a break from our series this weekend. Our pastors have prepared independent messages for the services they lead.


Web-Thumbnail-XChangeOur series, XChange aims to help us grow in deeper understanding of Christ’s work on the cross.



Join us as we take a tour of the Old Testament and discover Jesus’s presence in various accounts of the Bible.

As we go through “Intrusion,” may each of us have a greater trust in God, knowing that He is present even in impossible situations, and that He is faithful to accomplish His will in each of our lives!

Now Serving


Our contributions, no matter how small, make a big difference! Join us at Now Serving: Volunteer Week 2012 and get involved in any of our ministries today.

Love Different

Web-Thumbnail-LoveDifferent“Love Different” is a three-week series that will discuss what love is according to God’s Word as opposed to what the world is saying, leading to relationships that will bring God honor.


Web-Thumbnail-ThriveIn our “Thrive” series, we’ll know more about the lasting effects of what Jesus did on the cross: a life of victory over our sin and living a full life according to God’s ways.

Prayer and Fasting


2012 is the year of the Lord’s favor! Let’s be expectant for what God will do in us, with us, and through us.

We invite everyone to join us in our annual Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting. This is the time when we gather together as a spiritual family to consecrate the year and every area of our lives to God. Bring your family and friends and together let’s start 2012 right!

Colors of Christmas

Web-Thumbnail-ColorsOfChristmasIn our series, Colors of Christmas, we’ll learn what Christmas truly means, and how Jesus’ birth is making a difference in our lives.

Abraham's School of Finance

Podcast Art ASFOur series, “Abraham’s School of Finance,” teaches us about God’s financial principles, and how we’re all  called to be good stewards of His resources.


Web-Thumbnail-BlueprintJust as a structural blueprint gives rise to a majestic structure, God has crafted a blueprint which gives us an idea of how we could live our lives to the full. Knowing what His blueprint holds aids us in developing a changed mindset and a positive impact to our relationships, our community, and our nation. What’s more, God’s blueprint touches on essential topics such as biblical manhood, the ownership of it, and the responsibility and authority that comes with it.

Crossing Cultures

Web-Thumbnail-CrossingCulturesVictory as a movement believes that each one of us has a part to play in world missions work. After all, we are called not only to make disciples in our nation, but around the world. Each year, we’re also given an opportunity to be a blessing to the nations through our Every Nation Recommitment Campaign. Not all of us may be called to minister to different nations, but we can take part in what God is doing in the nations. For all of us to have a deeper understanding of what reaching the nations is all about, join us this weekend as we start our brand new series, “Crossing Cultures.” We’ll know more about the challenges of crossing cultural barriers, and have a greater appreciation for what God is doing through missions efforts in different nations.

All In

Web-Thumbnail-AllInWhat does it mean to live a “complete” life, having everything that we need and want? Find out this weekend as we kick off our new series, “All in.” We’ll all be studying the book of Ephesians for the next six weeks. We hope that each of us would understand more what Jesus did for us, and would result to a renewed perspective in the way we live.


Web-Thumbnail-CraveWhat are you really longing for? Join us this weekend as we start our newest series, “Crave!” After this series, we hope that all of us would have a deeper understanding of the Bible, that in turn would help us grow in dependence and desire for God.


Web-Thumbnail-OrdinaryWe hope that this series will help us renew or strengthen our perspective on making disciples—that God uses ordinary people like you and me to make disciples and do extraordinary things.

Father's Day


This podcast is brought to you by Victory Fort Bonifacio, a church in the Philippines that exists to honor God and make disciples.

NXT Generation

Web-Thumbnail-NXT2How convinced are we that the future rests in the hands of today’s young people? In this series, entitled “NXT,” find out about God’s heart for the next generation and how we can view them in the same way.

When God Doesn't Make Sense

Web-Thumbnail-WGDMSHave you ever been in a situation of extreme hopelessness? Did you doubt, complain to, or ask God for answers yet it seemed like nothing was happening? Be encouraged to know that even in our most incomprehensible situations, God is in control.

Access Granted

Turning Point

Web-Thumbnail-TurningPointThis series will tell about how encountering Jesus has made major turnarounds for some people in the Bible, and how this can happen in our lives, too.

Stressed Out


Web-Thumbnail-iServeEach one of us has unique gifts and talents. As we bring them all together, we can contribute in a greater way, and help others grow and enhance their gifts as well. iServe is in line with our Volunteer Weekend for 2011. It is the special weekend we devote to encourage everyone to go and take part in our church ministries.


Web-Thumbnail-LoveLifeLove is a topic we all love talking about on radio stations, TV shows, and in our favorite songs. “All we need is love,” one song goes. But what is the kind of love that really fulfills and satisfies us? LoveLife, is a series will help us gain the right perspective of love, sex, and marriage founded on God’s Word, and develop godly convictions that would result in a life that pleases God.


Following almost a week-long series of talks, Dr. Stephen Mansfield, a New York Times best selling author speaks at Victory Fort's 9 AM and 11 AM services focusing on the topic of the Philippine's destiny as a nation.


Web-Thumbnail-StrongEach new year often brings excitement and anticipation for new beginnings, dreams, and goals to pursue. It is also a time to remember and claim God’s promises in our lives. What better way to start this year than by taking hold of what God has in store for us, as written in His Word? Our very first series for 2011 entitled, Strong, encourages us to have the faith, strength, and courage to hold on to God’s promises, even in the midst of difficulties.

Prayer and Fasting

Web-Thumbnail-PrayerAndFasting2011The annual Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting is the time when we corporately consecrate ourselves, our families, and ministries to God, believing Him for victories and breakthroughs in every area of our lives. Listen to excerpts from our prayer meetings held every 12nn and 7pm at the Every Nation Building.

Kings of Christmas

Web-Thumbnail-KingsOfChristmasChristmas is just around the corner—many of us are excited to spend time with our families, give and receive gifts, and enjoy the holiday season. Yet do we really know what Christmas is all about, and why we even celebrate it in the first place? We hope that the series, Kings of Christmas, will help us have the right perspective, response, and attitudes on why we celebrate this season.


WebThumbnail-OverflowThe Bible clearly has a lot to say about finance, money, and stewardship. In Overflow, we hope that all of us would understand how God intended for us to use wealth, which would lead us to grow in faith, greater stewardship, and generosity with our resources.

Original Pilipino Mindsets 2

opm2A follow-up to our Philippine church’s hit 2008 message series, Original Pilipino Mindsets, Original Pilipino Mindsets 2 takes us through four characteristics that influence the Filipino psyche. Join Victory Fort on a humorous yet insightful journey into the typical Pinoy’s frame of mind.

Are We There Yet?

arewethereyetAre We There Yet?, our Manila church's new weekend series for Every Nation Missions, will help each of us capture the vision of making disciples in every nation, and that more people would share the burden of reaching the nations by going, giving, and praying for the nations.


infinitudeInfinitude is our church in Manila's series that focuses on four important attributes of God - His immutability, omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence - that we need to understand more. As we learn more about who He is, we can look forward to having a deeper relationship with Him.

Double Calls

doublecallsDouble Calls is a powerful three-week message series on lordship. As we learn more about faith, service, and devotion, it is our prayer that we may be inspired further to invite God to reign deeper and more powerfully in our lives.

And God Said

andgodsaidAnd God Said aims to help us have a greater understanding of the authority of God’s Word. If His Word remains the priority foundation for how we live our lives, we can trust that we will see deeper love, study, and obedience in many areas of our lives.


oneWhat does it mean to follow Jesus? It’s more than just attending church, singing songs, or taking part in church activities. How will we know what it means to be a disciple, make disciples, and be part of a Victory Group? Victory Fort, a Philippine church, is excited to introduce our new series: One, a three-part message series that will help us learn more about the discipleship process and actively participate in it. Discipleship is more than just a perfect Sunday attendance--it is actively following Jesus, being in fellowship with others, and fishing for people.


iPrayiPray is Victory Fort's three-part series that focuses on Paul's writings on how to pray. Join our Philippine church as we learn how to pray more effectively using the Scriptures. After this series, we look forward to having a thriving relationship with God and know Him more.

Kingdom Stories

kingdomstoriessmallKingdom Stories is Victory Fort's four-part series that focuses on how Jesus explained the kingdom of God through parables and stories that were familiar to people. We hope that through this series, we will better understand God's kingdom as we go through the stories Jesus told.

The Empty Cross

emptycrossThe Empty Cross is Victory Fort's three-part Lenten series leading up to Holy Week.

God and Gov

god_and_govGod & Gov is a three-part series on God and government. This is a timely series in preparation for the 2010 elections.

Love Happens

lovehappensLove Happens is a special Valentine's Day series break.

Fit to Serve

fittoserveFit to Serve is the message delivered during the Sunday services of Volunteer Weekend 2010.

Prayer and Fasting

prayerandfasting2010At the start of every year, the men and women of Victory Fort Bonifacio engage in a week-long prayer and fasting activity. These are messages shared by pastors during 2010’s Seven Days of Prayer and Fasting.

Wisdom Quotient

wisdomquotientWisdom Quotient is a four-part series on wisdom.

Ancient Prophecies

ancientprophecies"Ancient Prophecies" is a four-part series on Old Testament prophecies about Jesus Christ. Our Christmas message series will delve into Jesus as Emmanuel, as Light of the World, and Lord of All.

Beyond Sunday

beyondsunday"Beyond Sunday" is a four-part series that will encourage us to develop a lifestyle of worship through heart, body, work, and money.


abcGrow deeper in your faith by joining Victory Fort on a journey through Hebrews 6:1-2. In "ABC," we discuss repentance, faith in God, baptisms, laying-on of hands, resurrection, and eternal judgment.


passionWhat are you passionate about? Learn about what God and we at Victory are truly passionate about in our two-part World Partner series. Titled "Passion," this series will delve into God's heart and the part we play in seeing His heart's desire come to fruition.

2009 Tuesday Leadership Group Podcasts

These are audio messages from pastors and guest speakers, recorded at selected meetings of the Tuesday Leadership Group in 2009.

Mother's Day 2009

MothersDay140x140These are the special Mother's Day messages delivered in 2009.


genuinePut your faith to the test to see if if it's real! Genuine is a five-part series based on the book of James that will challenge the way you look at faith and the true nature of your relationship with God.


wwwdotvictorywww.victory is a three-part series on the What, Why, and Who of Victory. Learn about what we do, why we do it, and who we are at this church in the Philippines.


revealed"Revealed" is a three-part series that will help us get to know God as our Father. With three messages focusing on God's relationship with us, His moves to reconcile with us, and His generosity with us, this series will bring you to a deeper appreciation of the kind of unfailing love God has shown His children.

Lupang Hinirang

lupanghinirangCome join Victory Fort Bonifacio, a church in the Philippines, for "Lupang Hinirang," a four-part series based on the book of Nehemiah. Designed to help us understand God's purpose for the Philippines and all the nations, "Lupang Hinirang" will rekindle your fire for the Lord and your country.


igniteSet your Christian life aflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit! Join Victory Fort on this three-part series on how to ignite your passion for Jesus, harness the power to live a holy life, and tap into God's power to do His will.

Jesus of Nazareth: Accused

accusedJesus Christ is one of the most polarizing figures in all history, and easily one of the most misunderstood. Join Victory Fort in a three-part Easter series titled, The Accused. Delve into a relevant and meaningful discussion on why Jesus was accused of being a friend of sinners, savior, and deceiver, and learn about the implications these accusations had on God's plan for mankind's total redemption.

Church is Boring Unless It Is...

churchisboringA growing church is relevant and exciting for as long as it has authentic community, continues to lift up prayer for all nations, and, by its nature, encourages its attendees and members to active participation. Join us on a three-part series that delves into how to avoid becoming a boring and irrelevant church.

One Life to Live

One Life to Live

Each of us has only one life to live. Will you take the challenge to make that life count? Will you live for what truly matters? The '1 Life to Live' podcast contains messages designed to help you learn how you can live the full life that God intends you to have.

The Domino Effect

dominoeffectThe Domino Effect is a four-part series that explains the implications of the decisions we make today on what happens to us in the future. With every decision starting a chain reaction that affects the future, how God's kingdom and righteousness affect our response and decisions is the cornerstone of this series.

Prayer and Fasting

prayerandfastingAt the start of every year, the men and women of Victory Fort Bonifacio engage in a week-long prayer and fasting activity. These are messages shared by pastors during 2009's Seven Days of Prayer & Fasting.

2008 Christmas Messages

These two holiday messages were delivered during the 2008 Christmas season.

2008 Father's Day

These are the special Father's Day messages delivered in 2008.

Mother's Day 2008

These are the special Mother's Day messages delivered in 2009. Listen to Pastors Steve Murrell and Robert Hern talk about their mothers... and see what we children all have in common!

2008 Series Break Messages

Listen to stand-alone messages from the pastors of Victory Fort Bonifacio.

Why Christmas?

whychristmas"Why Christmas" is a four-part series that delves into the heart of the Christmas tradition. Focusing on four important Christian tenets in light of the celebration of Christmas, "Why Christmas" will challenge, inform, and ultimately strengthen your faith.

Most Downloaded Psalms

mostdownloadedpsalms"Most Downloaded Psalms" delves deep into the heart of four popular chapters in the book of Psalms. From the comfort afforded by Psalm 23 to Psalm 119's benefits of staying true to God's Word, from Psalm 51's exhortations to forgive to Psalm 100's evangelistic sermon, "Most Downloaded Psalms" will inspire, instruct, rebuke and restore.

Original Pilipino Mindsets

OPM"Original Pilipino Mindsets" is a three-part series that aims to study three characteristics that influence the Filipino psyche. Join Victory Fort on a humorous yet insightful journey into the typical Pinoy's frame of mind.

Unfinished Business

unfinishedbusiness"Unfinished Business" is a special two-part series on the Great Commission, and what we can do to further advance God's Kingdom as we honor Him and make disciples.


uncommonUncommon is defined as 'extraordinary,' 'special,' 'unique,' 'different.' Join us on this special three-part series on holiness, and learn about how serving an extraordinary God can set us apart to lead extraordinary lives.

Faster Higher Stronger

fasterhigherstronger"Faster Higher Stronger" is a three-part series on preparation and perseverance, and what happens when one prepares and perseveres excellently: the prize.

Moving From 'Me' to 'We'

Marriage: Moving From Me to We helps prepare a man and a woman for the many challenges of marriage. Me to We is absolutely essential for the man and woman seeking to put God in the center of their relationship.

Hu U?

Hu U? provides an opportunity for youth and young adults to learn about how to relate with the opposite sex. This message from Carlos Antonio delves into the many misunderstood perspectives of the differences between men and women.

Outrageous Sayings of Jesus

outrageoussayings"Outrageous Sayings" identifies four different sayings of Jesus Christ that are shocking yet true.

Finding Jonah

findingjonah"Finding Jonah" is a expository study of the book of Jonah. In this four-part series, we learn about how God is a God of second chances.


leadWhat are some of the qualities expected of a leader? Learn more about leadership through thought-provoking messages, with inspiration taken from the life of King David.

C.S.I.: Jerusalem

csi_jerusalemCSI: Jerusalem is a four-week investigation of a 2000-year-old murder. Delve into the life and death of Christ, including who He was, who may have wanted Him dead, the scene of His murder, and the witnesses of His death and resurrection.

What About Love?

what_about_loveHow do you define love? In this series, find out what the Bible has to say about love, and discover its true meaning that may change your life and relationships.


syncwebWhat if we stopped marching to the beat of the world's drum and started listening for God's heartbeat and moved in tune to it? Learn how to be in "Sync" with God through this new series.


iwitnessWhat did the birth of Jesus mean to those who were there to see it? Different stories. Different point of view. One joyful Truth.

Church Illustrated

churchWhat is the church, really? Church Illustrated takes an impartial, impassioned look at several object lessons that descrhow the Bible illustrates what the church should be.


brandedHow do we distinguish a true Christ follower? Our new series Branded talks about the marks of a real disciple.

Every Nation Week 2007

You may not be called into the missions field but we believe we all have a part to play in fulfilling the Great Commission. Find out how you can participate today.


heroesOrdinary men and women. Extraordinary God. Find out how He used flawed individuals in less-than-ideal situations to make a difference and how He's going to use you, too.

Grace Works

graceworksGet off the treadmill of religious performance and move onto the grace of God. Warning: Grace Works will challenge the way you view grace.

At Your Service

VGM-Thumbnail-AtYourServiceIn Matthew 23:11, Jesus tells His disciples, " The greatest among you will be your servant." Christ calls us to a lifestyle of service. But how do we do that in a "me-first" world?

Fear Factor

fearfactorWe all have fears. That's a given. The question is do your fears have you? Do they cloud every decision you make? Do they hinder you from stepping into all that God has for you? Fear does not have to be a factor in your life. Break through the fears that bind you.

Father's Day 2007

fathersWhat is real fatherhood? There's no better way to learn about fatherhood than to look to our Heavenly Father. Join Joey Bonifacio and Robert Hern as they discuss what we can learn about fatherhood from God's many examples in the Bible.

Prison Break

prisonbreak1Have you ever felt locked up, unable to get out of sin patterns and attitudes that kept you from stepping into all that God has for you? Learn the stories of the Bible's most famous escapes and take hold of the keys to your own PRISON BREAK.

The Creed

the_creedMany of us recite the Apostle's Creed regularly. But what does it really mean and why is it important for every Christian to take to heart this ancient truth? The series THE CREED mines the depths of this great statement of faith.

Winning in Life

winning_in_lifeThere are people who go through life negative and defeated. But we were not made to trudge through life hopeless and beaten. We are designed by God to be victorious. We are destined to win. What are the keys to winning in life?

Fruit of the Spirit

VGM-Thumbnail-FruitOfTheSpiritMakeovers are a craze nowadays. It seems everyone wants to change for the better. But what kind of change really matters? Learn how the Holy Spirit works to produce Christ-like character, resulting in a rich and fruitful life.

Songs of Christmas

VGM-Thumbnail-SongsOfChristmasAs we celebrate Christmas, let us join Mary, Zechariah, and the angels in giving praise to God for the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Three Battlegrounds

VGM-Thumbnail-TheThreeBattlegroundsWe face spiritual battles in our minds, hearts, and tongues everyday--battles we can win because of Christ's victory on the cross. Learn how God has equipped us to guard these three battlegrounds against defeat.

Hall of Faith

VGM-Thumbnail-HallOfFaithWhen times of difficulty and devastation come, how do you respond? Walk through Hebrews 11, the Bible’s Hall of Faith, and meet the men who had extraordinary faith -- the faith that pleased God.

Core Values

VGM-Thumbnail-CoreValuesThe pillars that strengthen and support our ministry are called core values. These values define who we are, what we do, and how we build.

Encounters With Jesus

VGM-Thumbnail-EncountersWithJesusWhen people encountered Jesus in the Bible, they were forever changed. See how God transformed lives then and how He transforms lives today!

The Seven Habits of a Healthy Disciple

VGM-Thumbnail-HabitsThe philosopher Aristotle once said "we are what we repeatedly do." Build habits that develop godly character and will ensure a healthy walk with God.

The Seven Churches of Revelation

Find out why the seven churches the apostle John wrote about over 2000 years ago in the book of Revelation still hold supreme significance to us today.

The Beatitudes

Jesus was not the kind of person who just talked about living a pure and holy life. He proved that he was willing to do exactly what he asked of others. He gave us the example to follow.

The Ten Commandments

Today, people make up their own rules. Everything becomes situational. Everything is blurred into a massive gray. The Ten Commandments is a reminder to us that God has universal standards and they are not just for a select few. They are for all people, all cultures, and all times.

Teach Us To Pray

Even the disciples recognized that they weren't very good at prayer, and needed instruction from Jesus. Notice that in Luke 11:1, they did not ask Him teach them how to pray, they simply asked "teach us to pray."

Who Is God?

He's been described as everything from an impersonal force to a loving, personal Creator. But who is God really? As you go through this series, our prayer is that as you get to know God more, you will also grow in relationship with Him.